Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding Univ: Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin, Kevin Chin Photography

Where do you derive your creative inspiration? 

Life…living life to the fullest is what inspires me.  Good, bad and everything in-between, I breathe it all in everyday and I am inspired by all of the joy, emotions of the day.  I have always felt that I can’t take an honest picture until I can feel the emotion of the moment.  

What makes you and your services different from other photographers? 

beauty, art…film.  My tagline emphasizes that I shoot real film.  I also shoot digital but it’s my love and dedication to film that makes it my true passion.  My clients come to me because they appreciate the fine-art look and quality of film.  Film, especially b&w film has wonderful grain and texture that gives the photos a beautiful and organic quality. 

What are the biggest challenges you face as a wedding photographer? 

The most common problem I run into is not having enough time to get all of the photos that I want to tell your wedding day story.  Hire a great wedding planner and work with your photographer to make sure they have enough time to get all the photos you want.

 Why is there such a wide rang of pricing when it comes to photography?

 Photographers offer anything from “a la carte” pricing to “all-inclusive” packages which range from inexpensive to very expensive.  Usually the price a photographer charges will depend on their experience, reputation, creativity and quality of product and service.  Because photography is an art form and art is subjective, it can sometimes be difficult to compare pricing.  Just remember that you get what you pay for. 

 What is the best advice you can give to couple when planning their wedding?

Your wedding day will fly by before you know it and hopefully you have hired a good photographer to help you remember your day.  Make a promise with your fiancée that you will take a few minutes out of the wedding day to step back and soak it all in.  My fondest memory of our wedding day is when Nancy and I stepped away from our reception and snuck up to the balcony of the Great Room at Kohl Mansion. We spent a quit moment alone and observed all of our friends and family from afar.

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