Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wedding Univ: Peter Rudolfi

Peter Rudolfi
Musicians and Entertainment

How do you know which and how many instruments to choose for the ceremony music?
Whether its Brass, Strings, Keyboard, Harp or Guitar the actual color or character of the sound is less important than what they play. The tune titles express both a mood and tell something about the bride and groom--their personality and experiences. Within the 30 minutes prior to the Processional March, try and define those qualities.  The type of instruments that best express those qualities will follow naturally.

Can the same ceremony musicians play during cocktails and dinner?
This is an important question when trying to stretch your entertainment dollars. Some instruments play certain styles better than others.  A Harp does not play much jazz but does play contemporary ballads. Brass does great Fanfares but is not really appropriate for Latin music. A single instrument can work for a ceremony but will get drowned out during the later functions. 

How important is it for the dance band to play a wide range of styles rather than just a few?
Think of it as a window through which you can control how much is seen. Will your horizon include: Opera, Motown and Country Western or a more narrow slice of the sound spectrum? Will it include only Big Band, add some 1950's Rock, or go way beyond that all the way to Today? And will you want to dance to each style presented, including Tango? At the end of the day how will you want to feel about the experience you had with your guests?

Come hear more of Peter's insightful comments at:

Sunday, Feb 8, 1- 5 PM
Four Seasons Hotel silicon Valley
2050 University Avenue, East Palo Alto
$25 for 1 person | $40 for 2 people

At Wedding University, well-respected professionals will guide you through the fundamentals of planning your wedding.  Topics include floral and tabletop design, music and dance, catering and menu planning (and tasting!), wedding coordination and photography and videography.

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