Monday, January 12, 2009

Wedding Univ: Gloria Wong Tritasavit

Gloria Wong Tritasavit
Wedding Designer

Who is your ideal client?
I love working with couples who are eager to share their personalities with me. An important part of my job is to offer ideas on personalizing wedding details. The more I know about the couple, the better equipped I can be with ideas! My ideal clients are couples who want their guests to discover details throughout the wedding that 
are reflective of their taste and personalities. For example, I once worked with a fun-loving bride with the last name Chao. Her groom's last name happened to be Fung. They had always had a good laugh with the combination of their names... Chao-Fung which sounds like the Chinese noodle dish "Chow Fun". So, we had a pyramid of Chinese takeout boxes filled with Beef Chow Fun for guests to take home at the end of the evening as a late night snack. We posted a sign and listed all the ingredients for "Beef Chao-Fung". At the end of the ingredients list was "and lots of love". Guests were endlessly amused.

Do you think you'll ever run out of creative ideas?
The answer is no. There are a ton of ways 
one single theme can be carried out and executed. My primary source of inspiration is the couple. Since every couple has different tastes, different interests, different personalities, and different love stories that make them unique, I'd like to think that I will never run out of ideas!

What do you most enjoy about your work?
I see wedding design as a puzzle. There are so many pieces that need to come together seamlessly in order to make a design work. Not only does everything from the shape of a candle container to the gobo projection on a ceiling need to work harmoniously together, but they need to be reflective of the couple's style and taste.
I become really excited after I've established a design concept that represents the couple's vision for their wedding. I ca
n never wait to brief trusted vendors on a concept. I love brainstorming with the wonderful invitations designers, floral designers, lighting companies, and cake makers that I've been fortunate enough to partner with. We feed off of each other's creative energy. And the results are magical! I'm always blown away by their superb execution. It's very gratifying to see all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together. It's even more gratifying to see the looks on the faces of couples on the day of their wedding as they marvel at how well the details have all come together and celebrate their union in an environment that completely represents them.

What style of weddings do you like to work on?
I honestly do not have a favorite style! Whether it be a casual "Rustic Country Garden" wedding at a winery, a hip "Urban Modern" wedding in a museum, or a formal "Hollywood Glamour" wedding at San Francisco City Hall, I like them all. Carrying out any specific style with all the details is what is most exhilarating to me.

How do you know when you have succeeded on a project?
When a couple finds the time on their special day to pull me aside, give me a big bear hug, tell me that the wedding turned out better than they could have ever imagined and that I've made their dream come true. 

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Sunday, February 8, 11 AM - 5 PM
Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley
2050 University Avenue
East Palo Alto
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