Monday, January 15, 2007

Time Magazine Person of the Year

Tongue in cheek, we wrote a press release based on Time Magazine's most recent selection of "you" as the Person of the Year. They are referring to the millions of people who participate in social networking on places like MySpace, post their videos on YouTube, or put out more current information than the professional newsmakers in their individual blogs. So, enjoy!

San Francisco, CA -- January 16, 2007 -- Savadelis Films has been named Person of the Year for its participation in the new digital democracy. "Yes, we are one in a billion, of internet users that is, but we are no more deserving than the other 999 million users," said a modest Chuck Savadelis co-owner of Savadelis Films. "Time Magazine named all of us as Person of the Year for "seizing the reins of the global media", citing YouTube, Facebook and MySpace as the prime examples."

Savadelis Films has done their part to earn the moniker in 2006 by being the only wedding videographers tapped by two of the most prestigious wedding magazine websites to provide their wedding videos online.

Conde Nast's newly redesigned omnibus website,, features two Savadelis Films wedding videos at The website combines articles from Elegant Bride, Modern Bride and Brides Magazines along with original material, attracting well over 200,000 unique visitors a month. Theresa DiMasi, Editor in Chief of said, "A Savadelis Films wedding movie is an exquisite work of art that tells a story and deeply affects you. In fact, it is more accurate to call their m├ętier wedding cinematography because their work looks just like a movie."

Grace Ormonde, Editor in Chief of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, personally selected a Savadelis Films movie trailer as the first online Featured Wedding at to inaugurate her newly redesigned website which was launched on September 29, 2006. Ms. Ormonde said, "Savadelis Films is one of the premiere wedding cinematography companies for brides who want a wedding movie which is as stylish as every other aspect of their wedding. Their work is beautiful, tasteful and elegant. Stylish brides have discovered the Savadelises and are close to having a feeding frenzy over them."

Grace should know. She is the doyenne of the ultra chic wedding magazine that recommends the best professionals internationally. Grace Ormonde has a knack for discovering new talent, giving established wedding industry artisans a forum to express themselves, and inspiring them to take their creativity to a new level. Artists whom Grace has encouraged include wedding gown couturier Reem Acra; celebrity photographer Mike Colon; event designer Colin Cowie; caterer Paula Le Duc; and cake designer Sylvia Weinstock.

"We are delighted to be associated with visionaries such as Grace Ormonde and Theresa DiMasi who have long provided insightful and useful information to their readers in print, and now have grabbed hold of the future by offering videos and other interactive experiences on the internet to serve and enrich their brides." said Jewel Savadelis, the other half of Savadelis Films. "Perhaps they more than we deserve to be Person of the Year because of the way they are shaping the web in meaningful ways."

Monday, January 08, 2007

We Love Our Brides

There is nothing we like more than to hear that our clients are delighted with their wedding movies especially when the bride and groom are professional photographers who have a very artistic eye. We find it so difficult to explain BEFORE the wedding how much a couple will treasure their wedding movie AFTER the wedding (if you have a suggestion, let us know). It always seems so self-serving, even if it is so true. Before their wedding, Jenny & Mike weren't at all sure they wanted a wedding movie, but Jubilee Lau, a fabulous event planner, assured them that they would be sorry if they didn't have one. Today we received a lovely note from our sweet Jenny and Mike.

Dear Chuck and Jewel,

Thank you SO much for the amazing, amazing video! We have been traveling, so it was difficult to email, for which I apologize - we wanted to email you immediately and tell you how great it was. We absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much for the multiple copies. The presentation boxes, the "extra" slideshow, the editing, we loved all of it. I felt almost voyeuristic watching the part of the wedding that occurred before I walked down the aisle - it was so amazing to be able to "see" the parts of our wedding that we missed. You guys have made me a firm believer in wedding videos. I can't believe how much work you put into our video. Thank you for everything, your thoughtfulness, your caring, and all that you did for us, before, during and after our wedding. You will both always be a part of one of the most special days of our lives.

Please stay in touch!
Jenny & Mike

Just to show how interrelated we all are...Samantha and Alvin were considering engaging us for their wedding but wanted to know more about us, from a bride's perspective. Jubilee, who was their event designer, gave Samantha Jenny's cell phone. Jenny was on her honeymoon in Tahiti at the time. But Jenny immediately called Samantha back and talked for quite some time about how much they enjoyed working with us and with Jubilee. Samantha and Alvin not only engaged us, but invited Jenny and Mike to their wedding in order to surprise us! Did I tell you...WE LOVE OUR BRIDES!!