Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wedding Univ: Wildflower Linens

Lily Yeung

Wildflower Linens

How important are linens and chair covers to the overall look of a wedding?

An event will come to its full potential when colors and textures are used appropriately… and linens and chair covers are the way to maximize this effect.  Venues that have neutral backdrops are a blank canvas to accentuate linens and chair covers, setting the entire mood and style of the wedding. A ballroom can become a tropical oasis in vibrant tones of citron greens, fuchsia, and mandarin, or become an elegant affair with a subtle stardust toned bustled chair cover.  Once you have the right linens, everything will follow accordingly.

Can a client really afford linens if they are on a tight budget?  

Of course! It's all about distributing the budget for decor and flowers.  We have a large inventory of many different linen options.  We have no set packages; everything you order is a la carte.  You can order a specialty overlay just for your sweetheart table or overlays for all of your tables.   All the account managers at Wildflower Linen have a design background and can assist you in choosing your table d├ęcor.  And, with price ranges starting from $15, you are sure to find something that will fit your taste and budget.

Where do you get all your inspiration from when creating unique linens?  

We get our inspiration everywhere from as common as our surroundings to the extreme fashion runway. Youngsong Martin, a former fashion designer, gets new ideas constantly and has a visionary eye to forecast up and coming trends.  Wildflower Linen is a trendsetter, not only in table top and chair covers, but also design in general. We are always up to date with current and future trends/colors and love sharing our fashion ideas and style with our vendors and clients. 

What’s the difference between Wildflower Linens and other linen companies? 

Wildflower Linen has exceptional customer service and is a fashion forward company.  We are always adding to our linen collections and Young is always on the cutting edge of design.  We also are known for customizing linens to match the client's taste. No other linen company can design custom linen just for you. This also shows how close and personal we get to know our clients.

 What are today's trends of colors and tablescapes?

We are always coming up with new trends and colors. For this year, it's all about soft, bright colors and similar shades put together.  For instance, a combination of tone on tone shades of pinks, from pale blush to hot pink, are very in right now!  Other colors like champagne, mauve and blush rose are also making their way to table tops.  Accents like ruffles, ruching and chiffon swirls play a large part in pulling this whole romantic look together. 

Come see and feel wildflower Linen's luxurious table linens at Wedding University.

Wedding University
Sunday, February 8, 11 AM - 5 PM
Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley
2050 University Avenue
East Palo Alto
$25 for 1 | $40 for 2 guests

At Wedding University, well-respected professionals will guide you through the fundamentals of planning your wedding.  Topics include floral and tabletop design, music and dance, catering and menu planning (and tasting!), wedding coordination,photography and videography.

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