Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wedding Univ: Cynthia Glinka

Cynthia Glinka

Dance Instructor

Are ballroom and social dancing the same? 

No. Ballroom dancing usually involves extensive training and competition. The goal of social dancing is proficiency and fun, which are quickly achieved.

photo credit: Herman Privette

How are you different from traditional dance studios?
I offer a less formalized approach to partner dancing than that offered in most traditional dance studios.  My method focuses less on footwork, more on proper upper body posture, the closed position hold, and simple variations that can be easily led and comfortably followed. My goal is for you to feel confident and have fun, rather than memorize steps and patterns. After just one session, I guarantee you’ll be dancing out the door.  If you can walk, you can dance. 

What can we expect in a lesson?
I don’t clock the hour, so once we get together, we will accomplish a beginning, middle and end of a dance.  The lesson usually lasts 90 minutes, but our session can be extended if needed.  You’ll be provided with a personalized GLINKA GUIDE to recap your lesson, to help you retain the personal instruction and you will receive digital photos taken during our session.  I find it is a helpful tool to enhance the opportunity of snapping that perfect shot on your wedding day. 

How will we remember after only one lesson?
It only takes 24 hours for the instruction to get from your brain to your feet and for you to retain and recall what you’ve learned. Once you establish muscle memory with our simple tips and tricks, your subconscious will start blending the music with your body movements. 

Why is it important to learn to dance?
You will become aware of opportunities to dance to the music as you journey through life now that you have my simple road map.  Muscle memory will easily recall the variations we explore and those that you create on the spot.  You’ll be amazed how your perception of music changes and instead of sitting and listening, you will get up and dance - together.

Can you help us find the perfect first dance tune?
Yes. I’ve collected an eclectic list of tunes available upon request. I suggest an upbeat tempo for your first dance; you’ll have more fun on the dance floor as your guests cheer you on. 

Come see Cynthia burn up the dance floor.  In fact, come dance with Cynthia!
Sunday, Feb 8, 1- 5 PM
Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley
2050 University Avenue, East Palo Alto
$25 for 1 | $40 for 2 people

At Wedding University, well-respected professionals will guide you through the fundamentals of planning your wedding.  Topics include floral and tabletop design, music and dance, catering and menu planning (and tasting!), wedding coordination and photography and videography.

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