Friday, March 06, 2009

New Feature: Video of the Week

Starting today and every Friday, Life Is Like a Movie will scour the globe to bring you a new feature - Video of the Week, or Movie Trailer of the Week, in whatever form, MOVING PICTURE OF THE WEEK. The criteria are: (1) It holds your interest, (2) the moving image is essential to the piece and still imagery would be inadequate. Your suggestions for next week's Moving Picture of the Week are welcome in the comments section. As video becomes more ubiquitous due to professional cameras with greater technical capabilities; the availability of cheaper and lighter consumer cameras, and better built-in cell phone video cameras, there's a glut of video. Good video, bad video.

It's like going to the supermarket and buying fruit. Sometimes it looks good but has no taste. You'd pay anything to get a fruit that not only looks good, but you can be sure it will taste good too. Well, visit Life Is Like a Movie on Friday and you can be assured you will see a GOOD VIDEO. Maybe even a great video.

So without any more words, here's the first MOVING PICTURE OF THE WEEK. A picture is worth 1000 words? Here's a video which animates words in a creative way.

Now I'm not saying there's no place for a still image. There is. And here's a good example, taken in 1918 of 18,000 men preparing for WWI at Camp Dodge, Iowa.

What I am suggesting is that each of us be a critical judge of when a moving image and when a still image is the best alternative to capture a moment, an event, a movement or an emotion.

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Events by Evonne said...

Awesome video... I love the music too! How creative! :)