Sunday, March 01, 2009

DIY Your Own Wedding Faire

What are you doing today from 11 AM to 4 PM? The Hotel Cabana in Palo Alto is having a FREE wedding fair. But with a twist. 

Our good friend Stacie Tamaki of The Flirty Guide will be moderating a panel discussion of how to DIY four elements of your wedding at 1 PM. 

Joining her will be the fantastic Sabrina Moyel of Hello!Lucky who will talk about DIY invitations. Ron Grandia will talk about how to DJ your iPod wedding. Sachi Yamazaki of Fleurty will demonstrate how to DIY your flowers. And yours truly will be giving practical tips on how to DIY your wedding video so everyone will love it.

There will be food, displays and lots of good information and ideas. There will also be a fashion show at 2 PM.

Although it's free, your advance registration is appreciated. 
Register for a FREE VIP pass and FREE valet parking at...
Phone:  650.857.0787


Events by Evonne said...

How did it go, Jewel? Are you going to post some pictures? :)

Sachi said...

Your presentation today was wonderful! The professional vs. amateur comparisons were very clear and easy for me to see the huge difference. Watching your montage of weddings felt so personal and touching, I was crying as if I was an actual guest! Great job!

J Sav said...

The DIY Panel yesterday led by Stacie of The Flirty Guide went very, very well. We were just one of 4 great presentations. Sachi from Fleurty gave some practical advice, as did Sabrina from Hello!Lucky and Ron Grandia from A Different Kind of DJ.

A lot of brides said afterwards they weren't even considering getting a video before the panel but wouldn't dream of NOT having a video now. I guess all it takes is to see one good example to know what you'd be missing.

Diana Wittenbrock said...

You were great on Sunday Jewel! I loved the comparisons you did.

I hope to work with you soon!