Sunday, March 08, 2009

Best Inspirational Blog in the World

Ever find yourself under a black cloud or in a negative state and you didn't know it until a good friend held up a mirror? Well, if it's ever happened to you, here's the absolutely best antidote. 

I went searching for the best inspirational blog I could find and found One Year of Beauty. On January 1, 2009 Liv committed to blogging every day about the simple beauty she saw around her. Whether it was an icicle or a tag sewn into a hand-stitched garment, a little white dog peering through a car window, blueberries or dead flowers, she posts a picture and a few sentences to remind you to find beauty in your own day.

I can reflect back on a few times that I took a long hike and saw something of great beauty - like a 14-point buck. There were many joggers and runners zipping past this magnificent creature. I saw him. He saw me. And yet he was invisible to those who moved too fast. That's how I feel about Liz's blog. She's slowed down just long enough to see a rainbow. I think she is right - you can CHOOSE to see beauty if you try.


Eight Women Dream said...

I love this about the Internet, we stumble along and find rich works of art, just like a museum. We make connections in ways we never thought about. Just like I found your blog...

J Sav said...

The internet is great - now I've visited YOUR website. Talk about inspirational! I'm now a big fan. :~)