Sunday, May 03, 2009

In the Wedding Soup

Have you seen Liz Guthrie's Bay Area Wedding Soup? Liz, the creative mind behind San Jose Wedding Consultants, offers planning tips and introduces you to the San Francisco Bay Area's best wedding vendors week after week. And she does it so cleverly, by marching through the alphabet from A to Z. She never skips a letter - not even Q or Z!

Some of Liz' posts are informative:
"K" is for Kids at Weddings
"N" is for Name Change - a list of places you need to notify if you change your name
"Q" for Q&A - How much does a wedding cost in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Other posts help you find unusual services:
"B" is for Bagpiper
"C" is for Cigar Rollers
"F" is for Feng Shui

Along the way, Liz dishes about behind-the-scenes in the Bay Area wedding industry. Thoroughly entertaining and informative. 

Savadelis Films was lucky enough to be featured this week. Thanks Liz!

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Events by Evonne said...

Love Liz's blog... it's always chock full of great info!