Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 Whimsical Wedding Cakes

We've seen our fair share of wedding cakes. They've ranged from very simple white fondant icing with a wide ribbon  of the groom's family tartan at the base of each layer to Shinmin Li's I Dream of Cake and Sam Godfrey's Perfect Endings fantasy creations.

But honestly we haven't seen much whimsy or tasteful humor. So come the whimsical cakes.

The first two create a fresh contemporary happy feeling. The last three take a turn for, well, for wedding hell.

For more unique cakes, visit the Austin Wedding Blog.


TJLoop85 said...

I love unique wedding cakes like this... especially the first two images. I really enjoy the simplicity of the white cake with black images... very clean and beautiful design. Very interesting cakes, thanks for sharing.


J Sav said...

Cakes #1 and #2 are my two favorites, too. Long live the culinary geniuses!