Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Beauty in the Fog

San Francisco is so beautiful in all kinds of weather. So, when we filmed a wedding at the Legion of Honor a few weeks ago with the amazingly talented Michelle Walker, we were delighted to see the fog waft past the stately columns. 

On a wedding day, it's all about filming the action that's going on, so we had to let the fog keep rolling by. But, we wanted to capture some of that beauty so we returned to the Legion of Honor yesterday in the early morning hours to do just that. Here are a few still images. It was so quiet and serene.

Then, to our surprise, it was Free Tuesday. So we wandered the galleries of beautiful Rodin sculptures and were inspired by the special exhibition of Artistic Luxury: Faberge, Tiffany 
and Lalique (through May 31). The Faberge eggs are justifiably famous. They are exquisite miniatures creatively designed with fabulous precious stones, gold and platinum, enamels and pearls. Among European royalty it was the tradition to give the gift of a decorated egg to commemorate events such as the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary or an Easter or Christmas holiday.

There was always a surprise inside such as a hand painted 10-panel picture frame of the royal palaces where the Empress spent her childhood.

Or a miniature gold coach to commemorate the coronation of Nicholas and Alexandra. The coach has an imperial crown of rose diamonds on the roof, platinum tires, rock crystal windows and an imperial eagle on either door.

They really knew how to give gifts in those days!


Events by Evonne said...

The fog always makes the city look so mysterious! Here in Hawaii, we have the vog... but I think I prefer the fog better! :)

Michelle Walker said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful wedding we had :-)
Michelle Walker