Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Savvy Event

Savvy: [sav-ee] 1. to know; understand, 2. shrewdly informed; experienced, 3. common sense; practical understanding, 4. discerning.

Our friends at A Savvy Event have launched their fabulous new website. 

If you are looking for a casually chic and elegant wedding in wine country, call A Savvy Event. These ladies have style, taste, pizzazz and an eye for just the right detail. 

Although they serve many clients, each wedding LOOKS unique. Because, as they explain, every bride IS unique. They take the time to understand each couple's requirements and then, based on their experience, they combine  practical choices with a discerning taste for a marvelous look and a smooth-running day. Call to visit their adorable studio in Sonoma. Then spend the day enjoying the beautiful countryside.


LA Style Unveiled said...

LOVE the intro to this post ... great way to pull a reader in :) I will go check out the new Savvy site right now!

J Sav said...

Thank you LA Style Unveiled! Your website is beautiful and informative. I'm a big fan!