Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bella Bridesmaid, You're Beautiful

If you asked a friend you REALLY liked to be your bridesmaid, where would you go to find her a beautiful dress?  Bella Bridesmaid, of course! And what dress might you choose? One from Hannah Williams who just happens to have a trunk show of her Queue dress collection on February 14.  Great fabrics. Great colors. And I love the little flower appliques the designer carefully places on the bodice, around the hem or even on the whole skirt, like the full length gown in the picture to the left.  

Another adorable little detail you just have to see are the cocktail length dresses with a tiny bit of tulle peeking out. The designer created her collection so each dress worked well for weddings as well as for other events.  Finally.  It's no longer a lie - you CAN wear that beautiful dress again.

As I was looking at all the gorgeous bridesmaid's dresses at Bella Bridesmaid, it occurred to me that some of these bridesmaids dresses could be worn by a bride.  Some of the designers such as Alix & Kelly and Jenny Yoo offer just that - simple silhouettes, in white or off-white, in sensational fabrics such as silk, chiffon or taffeta for as little as $650.  For a non-traditional bride, imagine accessorizing with a metallic shoe or just a touch of feathers in the hair.  For the groom?  Maybe a '40's or '50's retro tuxedo or dark suit with tie to complement the bridal party.  

The ladies at Bella Bridesmaid are just so nice and the store is airy and inviting. So before the big Valentine's Night celebration, take your bridesmaids to 2250 Union Street and have a bella, bella beautiful day.

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