Monday, January 21, 2008

World's Most Expensive Cell Phones

We were looking for a case for our iTouch and found a few possibilities. As we were looking, we stumbled across the most expensive cell phones in the world, which you might enjoy if you have some spare change.

For the Ladies

The Diamond Cryto Smartphone
Price: $1.3 Million

Designed by diamond encruster extraordinaire Peter Aloisson, The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is sometimes quoted as the World’s most expensive cell phone (depending on exchange rates). Russian firm JSC Ancort has developed a Windows CE-based smartphone ready for Aloisson’s bejeweling that employs “powerful encryption technology” to “provide secure protection of information against kidnapping, technological blackmail, financial racketeers and corrupted state officials” — sounds like marketing speak for a password-protected wallet app. Of course, with its $1.3 million price tag and 50 diamonds (10 of which are blue) you might start to have more trouble with mugging than with technological blackmail.

The Goldvish "Le Million"
Price: $1.2 Million

The Goldvish “Le million” was exhibited at the three-day Millionaire’s Fair in Cannes, France and was bought by a Russian businessman for his wife for 1 million Euros. Created by GoldVish SA, a Geneva based luxury communication goods company, the cell phone is made of 18-carat white gold, mounted with 1800 (totaling 120-carats) VVS-1 graded diamonds and equipped with the latest in mobile technology.

Bucheron for Vertu Cobra
Price: $310,000

Parisian jeweler House of Bucheron linked up with Nokia subsidiary Vertu on this limited-edition series of eight cobra phones, which include a two-carat pear-cut diamond, a one-carat round diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies totaling 21 carats. Vertu phones also link up to a special concierge service with information about travel, entertainment, restaurants and events.

Vertu Signature
Price: $81,000

Vertu, a subsidiary of Nokia, claims that it took expert craftsmen three years of training to learn to make their phones. This classic, the Vertu Signature, contains 943 diamonds on its bezel and 48 more on its keypad, each set in place by hand in Switzerland.

Motorola V220 Special Edition
Price: $51,800

Austrian designer Peter Aloisson, has taken a standard Motorola, studded it with 1,200 diamonds and added a keyboard inlaid with 18 carat gold.

Diamond iPhone
Price: $41,000

The diamond iPhone boasts an impressive 420 diamonds at a total weight of 5.65 carats set in 18K white or yellow gold. It can also be ordered in white, black or pink sapphires. The phone, by UK blingmeister general Amosu, at a blustering $41,000 is sure to not make any “Will it blend” videos anytime soon.

For the Gentlemen

VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone
Price: $300,000

The creation of Swiss manufacturer VIPN, the titanium construction known as the “Black Diamond” is a one of a kind actually a 1 of 5 to be exact, and for generously shelling out 300,000 big ones, you get a Quadband phone with WiFi and Bluetooth, a 2 inch 256K TFT screen, 4MP camera, VOIP and 2 huge diamonds.

Gresso Black Aura Collection
Price: $13,000

Gresso boastfully claims that its Black Aura cellphones are 200 years old - due to the age of the African Blackwood on each phone’s case. Black Aura series ranges from $6,500 to $13,000 with the most expensive featuring an 18-carat gold front panel.

Gold Edition Nokia 8800
Price: $2,700

One phone bitten by the Gold Bug is the exclusive Nokia 8800 which will now be available in 24K gold. By owning one of these babies you'll no doubt be the talk of the town. However the features found on the Gold Edition are the standard 8800 features (bummer). It includes a 0.5 Mega pixel SVGA camera and a 2, 62,000 colors, TFT (208 x 208) display. Connectivity options include EDGE, Bluetooth, Infrared, Java, MMS, SMS, USB, WAP and it has 64 MB of internal memory. Some other features found on the phone which may now look standard include, 64 polyphonic, FM Radio, MP3 Player, Video Recording and 180 mins talktime.

Mobiado Professional EM
Price: $2,200

Made from ebony wood, hard-anodized aluminum and titanium, Nokia driven Mobiado Professional EM handsets are individually unique due to the variations in wood patterning per instrument. It features a 1.3 MP camera, music playback and an FM radio.


MT said...

welllll I suppose diamonds can go on anything!
but really thats just too expensive for a phone with only 1 year life in it!
cool blog btw.

J Sav said...

But just can re-purpose the diamonds into a cute little casing for your next cell phone or a little necklace for your kitty cat. :~)