Friday, January 11, 2008

One Sheet of Paper

<-----Holding on to Myself

You would think these are just papercuts, but once you see Danish artist Peter Callesen's unique form of art, you will be saying that this is the kindest cut of all. Oh the cleverness of the human mind! See more of his remarkable work at his website:

<--Tower of Babel

Many of the artist's pieces are inspired by fairytales. Others explore the relationship between 2- and 3-dimensionality. There is an aspect of the tragic in some, the ironic in others. But no matter what the underlying thought, each piece of art is precise, clever, and incisive, sometimes provoking thought long after we've stopped looking.

Looking Back


Jessamyn Harris said...

these are fantastic! Wouldn't it be great to have one as an art piece at home?!

Judith Shapiro said...

Got to your blog while searching for these. They are so cool. Ditto your blog.

J Sav said...

Jessamyn, I've been trying to track down the artists of these fabulous works of art to purchase a piece of their paper art for my wall too! I'll let you knw if I find out where they can be reached.

J Sav said...

Judith, Thank you...and back at you. What an interesting blog you have! Never heard of geocaching before, but now I've learned something.