Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Flirty Guide

We are so excited to have been selected to be in The Flirty Guide. The Flirty Guide is a brand new online resource for brides which features wedding and special event professionals who share the same high standards, honorable ethics, positive attitude and flirty image.

The editor, Stacie Tamaki, has a philosophy that every couple should evaluate which traditions they want to keep and which ones they want to re-invent with a twist so that their wedding uniquely represents them and honors their guests. Stacie walks the walk and talks the talk. At her own fun and flirty wedding a few months ago, she and her adorable husband John set out two extra place settings at each table. Then, instead of just toasting each table for 30 seconds, she and John actually sat down and visited with the guests at every table. We all felt like VIPs.

There were so many more flirty ideas, most of which do not cost very much money - just a little imagination. Come browse The Flirty Guide site and visit our page.

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