Friday, April 24, 2009

Most Watched You Tube Video - Susan Boyle

Here is the Video of the Week. It is one of the most inspiring performances I've ever seen. Over 70 million people have watched Susan Boyle's performance on You Tube. So, why is it our pick of the week?

1. The content. The performance itself was stunning. From the first note, this singer touched almost every person in the audience.

2. The song. I Dreamed a Dream. Who in this wide world hasn't had a big dream that everyone scoffed at? What would you give to have triumphed in such a public way?

3. The reactions. The video was edited beautifully. The change of heart by the audience and judges was captured very well. It enhanced the video. And our reactions to their reactions amplify the thrill of Susan's triumph.

4. The complete story. Ultimately, this is a story of a person who dreamed a dream, had confidence in herself, but LOOKED like the most unlikely person to pull it off. She LOOKED like she would sing off key or forget the lyrics or do something kooky. The judges and audience weren't just neutral about her. They had active contempt for Susan. They were laughing, hooting and jeering.

But then, a miracle happened. She sang the first note in a pure and truthful way. Instantly the audience and judges changed their minds about her. And when they did, her dream came true. 

Only when you HEAR her performance, SEE her performance and witness the judges' and audience's change in attitude does the miracle occur. The video reveals the whole story. The difference is that in the photograph Susan Boyle is nothing extraordinary. 

In the video she is the personification of all of our inner most dreams come true. She inspires us to find a deeper meaning. To endure harsh critics with dignity and grace. To be vulnerable despite the doubts we hold in our hearts. To challenge superficial biases, prejudice and stereotypes in favor of fairness, courage and humility. This is why Susan Boyle has captured our attention and our hearts. And that's why this is our Video of the Week.

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Events by Evonne said...

I first saw that clip on TV. Susan was amazing and that was a song from one of my favorite musicals! As I always say... never judge a book by its cover! :)