Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monterey Bay Otters and Sea Lions

         Monday was a record-setting scorcher in the Bay Area. You can't do anything about the weather except find a solution. So Chuck and I went kayaking on Monterey Bay.  We traveled several miles along the coast to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was calm, a sunny sky, and just a hint of a cool breeze. Here are a few of our companions.

First, there was the "barbershop quartet of sea lions. Nicely lined up. Nice harmony. Hard to understand the lyrics.

Then, although it's hard to see, there was the mother otter (white) grooming her pup (brown). They looked a little scraggly and in need of a grooming. But they were adorable.

What's amazing is how close they will come to you. They are curious and playful creatures. What a joy to share the planet with them!


Events by Evonne said...

Awww... they look so adorable! Glad that you and Chuck made time to go kayaking! We don't even do that here on Maui, it's so sad!

J Sav said...

They were sooo cute! And the weather was so perfect. One of those memorable days...

Events by Evonne said...

They probably thought you and Chuck were cute too! :)

Monterey Bay Pacific Coast LifeStyles Network said...

Great picture of the sealions.
I have been out on the bay many times by boat on the whale tours or even the tour of the bay area on the glass bottom boat. But I have never done Kayaking.
I do know there's a kayak shop close to the front of the Fisherman's Wharf enterance I think across from Mc Donalds Restaurant. Is that where you rent the Kayaks and do you advise learning to Kakak first before trying it?
My only skill on water is on big boats and shooring the white water in 6 man liferafts on Big rivers.
But I was wondering how easy or hard it is to balance in a Kakak?
I have seen many people out on the bay. And sometimes I wonder if those people are taking a Kakak Class.

Anyways I love you website.
And I'll be checking back to see more great pictures like those sea lions..
Also If you have time come by my website at Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network