Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Life Is a Jubilee

It is often difficult to brag about accomplishments of which you are justifiably proud.  But then, along comes a colleague who, over the years, has become a true friend.  And, she so eloquently speaks out on your behalf.  We are lucky enough to have such a friend, Jubilee Lau of Jubilee Lau Events.  

Jubilee is, hands down, the most beloved event planner in the Bay Area.  She is the complete package.  She...

o  Listens carefully, really understands the couple's style and priorities and interprets their vision.
o  Advises couples honestly.
o  Pampers her couples but never attempts to control them. 
o  Is highly creative in her designs.
o  Is thorough in planning and implementing the wedding day.
o  Reads the mood of the crowd, is flexible and readjusts the schedule on the fly rather than having a slavish and foolish consistency to the schedule.
o  Is thoughtful and caring in her relationships with not just the bride and groom. but with their families and guests.
o  Treats professionals with respect and courtesy and can convince a "fully engaged" professional to be available for her clients.  Why?  Because she creates an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and support and gives each professional what they need to do their best.

Here is what she said about us in her December 3, 2008 blog entry.  

Discovering talent is a part of my job, but discovering Savadelis Films was one of the best treasures of my career. There is a reason why the owner's name is JEWEL! She is definitely a jewel to me, and to many, many brides and grooms out there.

If you visit my website, you will see many different trailers from Savadelis Films. I have had the pleasure of working with them on many special weddings and events through the years. Each time they send me a completed wedding movie of our mutual client, I can be sure that I will be both laughing and crying as I watch it. They are really THAT good!

If you want a wedding video that looks like everyone else's, they are not the right ones for you. With each couple that they work with, they go to great lengths to discover everything about them and their families, their wedding visions, and their wedding details. From that, they will capture your unique story, like no others.....and you will get to pass this beautiful memory on for generations to come! It's the ultimate way to preserve all the special moments of your wedding day!

We recently finished another 
spectacular wedding together at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, and here is the amazing trailer that they put together. It completely captured the tempo of that day, and is a true reflection of the couple's fun personality. Enjoy!!

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Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I LOVE the wedding industry. We just have so much mutual respect between colleagues and friends. Can't wait to meet you tomorrow... will be catching our flight in 3-1/2 hours!