Friday, December 26, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button I: Short Review

Let's just start by saying this is a fantasy that feels real. You buy into the premise right away that Benjamin Button is born an old man and youthens, dying as an infant. But that is just the window dressing.

What matters more is that this is a love story. The story suggests that the soul of a person is more important than their appearance. That forgiveness is the path to being able to put your past behind you and fully enjoy today. That only when life is in balance can you truly appreciate it. As Benjamin (Brad Pitt) was growing younger and Daisy (Cate Blanchett) was growing up, it was only when they met in the middle that their relationship could fully flower.

This is a beautifully filmed movie with a story that is beautifully told. Two of the major ingredients in a piece of art that will touch you every time you see it.


Samantha said...

Loved the movie! Cried through many scenes.

J Sav said...

I think this movie is a sleeper destined to become a favorite, like Field of Dreams and It's a Wonderful Life. These classics make us think deeply about what values we cherish.

Monkey said...

Benjamin Button was very Fincher-esque... almost as good as his other stuff if not for some nagging plot holes

J Sav said...

We agree - the Director David Fincher has done some wide-ranging dark and stylish work. Our favorite, previous to Benjamin Button, was Seven, when he first paired up with Brad Pitt.