Monday, April 21, 2008

Heavenly Sounds at Grace Cathedral

We just filmed a commitment ceremony at Grace Cathedral. What a magnificent house of worship! Everyone we worked with was so wonderful: Mary Wood, the wedding administrator, Jayson Kincaid the Production Director, and Elaine the verger.

The Gregorian chants and the 1273-pipe organ echoed and reverberated magnificently in every corner, calming and uplifting our spirits. We were all transported to another realm. We wanted our couple to be able to feel this same spirit every time they watched and listened to their ceremony, so we recorded it in surround sound. Now, when they listen, the sound will be as close as possible to the real thing.

The 275 guests then walked a block to the
Mark Hopkins where they were treated to a fabulous cocktail party and 5-course dinner. Lisa Tomasi, Catering Manager, really pulled out all the stops and treated our couple and their guests like royalty. Rebecca Reategui, the wedding designer, and Karen Axel of Tapestry Flowers, designed a ballroom that made you think you were in a rooftop garden with bowers of orchids and twinkling lights everywhere. We were delighted to be working with Michelle Walker of Michelle Walker Photography - always so pleasant, and soooo talented.

A big hit of the evening was the chocolate tasting and favor-making provided by Cocoabella. Each guest was invited to select 10 chocolates from among 50 choices. The hand dipped chocolates were from the best chocolatiers in the world such as Michael Cluizel, Christopher Elbow, Knipschildt. The chocolates were then carefully arranged in little blue boxes and finished with ribbon to take home as a favor.

There were energetic performances of Phillipine folk dances from the Hiyas Dance Group , a photo booth provided by Red Cheese, and so much more.

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