Friday, November 16, 2007

Proposal Planner

Deck the Halls with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la la la
'Tis the season
To make a proposal

Yes, we are coming into "high season" for gentlemen to go down on one knee. We've heard of so many wonderful proposals. The most successful were not the ones that cost the most, but the ones that were created with a lot of thought toward what the bride would cherish.

The first question is whether to ask her Father for permission. Would she find this sweet or outdated? If she is quite close to her family, it might be a nice touch to arrange for them to meet at the restaurant after the proposal. Our good friend Karen Miyanaga at the Ritz Carlton thought she was just going for a lovely Sunday brunch with her boyfriend. But he surprised her with an unforgettable question. What followed is something that she will never forget. He flew her parents from Japan to California to surprise her and share in the joy. We happened to be at the Ritz finishing up filming a morning-after brunch and saw her. I will never forget the joy in her face. It went so far beyond joy to a place for which I have no word. What a great way to start a marriage, with the utmost consideration.

We've heard of creative proposals which clearly had the bride in mind. Some have been simple - a Scrabble board with "Will You Marry Me" spelled out to a bride who loved to play Scrabble. Some have been elaborate vacations to a tropical paradise, or a trip to a restaurant that has become "our place".

I don't know why, but a large number of proposals do not go as originally planned. Our friend John planned to ask Stacie to marry him while vacationing in Quebec. The weather was rainy and blustery, but he plowed ahead with his plan and took her outside, set up a small camera and proposed anyway. It is hilarious to see, because you can't hear a word over the 30 mph winds! He created a short video with sub-titles, which makes it even funnier. Until you see Stacie's reaction. Then, you cry.

And if all else fails, there are proposal planners who can help you come up with an idea and plan it so it is perfect. There are some independent ones, some at luxury hotels and resorts. The skills required are similar to those required of wedding plannes, so that may be a route to go. Or, you can advertise on Do My Stuff to find a proposal planner.

And of course you'll need a ring. The proposal is something she will always treasure, remember and talk about - so make it a good one.

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