Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Fun and Flirty Wedding!

Chuck and I attended Stacie and John's wedding a few weeks ago and had a smashing good time. Stacie is the genius behind The Flirty Guide. In the Guide she advocates that every bride and groom should create a wedding that both suits them and uniquely caters to their guests. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money, it just has to be authentic. Everything she advocates, she did at her own wedding.

Stacie had an original Colleen Quen gown (a dear friend of Stacie's and one the most talented couturiers in the US). Stacie, being a talented seamstress herself, created a wonderful, colorful bustle of several kanzashi flowers (see photo), which honored her Japanese heritage. She also had a beautiful display of 1000 origami cranes forming the backdrop to their ceremony. Since Stacie loves origami, all of the gentlemen's boutonnieres were origami flowers, unique to each gentleman.

John was on the Apple team that brought you the iPhone. This theme was creatively integrated into the cake. The icing was simple, but three iPhones, trimmed with Swarovski crystals, were mounted on the front of the cake, each playing a different movie of Stacie and John's life together.

One of my favorite Flirty Moments was when John and Stacie took the dance floor for their first dance. Neither particularly likes dancing, so as soon as they took 2 or 3 steps, another couple dressed as the bride and grom waltzed in from the sidelines and performed a steamy hot tango. Then, John and Stacie stepped back in at the very end for the final dip, and of course, the thunderous applause. It was fantastic! It didn't cost anything, yet it totally suited Stacie and John and entertained everyone who was there.

Oh, and the wedding took place on a Thursday because that was the day of the week that they first met. How romantic!

These were the outward expressions of their personalities as individuals and as a couple. But what really made this a wonderful wedding was the love and respect they have for each other -- the look on John's face when Stacie floated down the aisle, the truly heartfelt speech John delivered at the reception to honor his bride, the way Stacie lightly touched John's arm to reassure him she was there by his side. These are the moments we will cherish. We wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

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