Monday, September 17, 2007

A Perfect Wedding Gift

We're editing a beautiful ceremony that took place at the Julia Morgan Ballroom. As an aside, Linda Hylen is one of the most fabulous Directors of Special Events in the city. She makes every event go smoothly, and is unfailingly helpful, cheerful, positive, energetic, resourceful and NICE.

Oh, but I've gotten off the topic. We are editing one of the most beautiful ceremonies we've ever witnessed. The officiant spoke as though he was reciting a fragrant poem or verse. The 350 guests were transfixed when he addressed the bride and groom.

"This perfect event raises us all up
From where we find ourselves on normal days.
We see things and feel things differently.
Within the hearts of those present
Are stirrings of heightened awareness and deeper perspective.
At this moment we look with greater gratitude
At our own relationships.
It's a time of renewal, of greater hope,
Of resolution for the future.
In your reflection,
We see ourselves more clearly.
So we thank you for your wedding gifts to us."

The officiant put into words what Chuck and I sometimes feel at weddings, both when we are filming and when we are guests. Family and friends are being given an opportunity to 'touch the heavens' when they are in the presence of two people who are willing to sacrifice for each other, to commit to each other and promise to love each other. It feels like a gently guiding hand which compels 350 people to act and feel as one, in the same way that a flock of birds can swoop then soar with grace.

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