Saturday, September 01, 2007

Anatomy of a Hora

We just finished editing a hora to end and horas. Our sweet bride Nissa and her handsome groom Tom and their 300 guests at the Julia Morgan Ballroom were out on the dance floor for 40 minutes dancing the horah and other exuberant dances. With three cameras, we captured 120 minutes of sheer joy. Here's the 3-minute PC version and here's the MAC version of the movie trailer that captures the joy. Joel Nelson was the band leader and MC. We've never seen a better entertainer who made sure 100s of guests flooded the dance floor and STAYED there!

It is so amazing when guests come together as though they share one mind with everyone else in the room. As graceful as a flock of swallows soaring in the sky, or a school of dolphins cutting through the water with their streamlined bodies. And no one wanted it to end! Only the dinner bell could interrupt the dancing.

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