Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blog - Tag!

My friend Stacie Blog-Tagged me.  So, I looked it up.  It's like the children's game of tag where someone says "Tag, You're It!" and you have to do something.  That something, in this case, is mentioning 4 Things I Did Today, 4 Things on My To-Do List, 4 Guilty Pleasures, 4 Little-Known Facts About Me.

What I Did Today
1.  Exercised with Gilad.
2.  Went to the Ritz at Half Moon Bay and shot some scenes for a wedding we filmed last weekend.
3.  Emailed a friend a list of great movies designed to turn on the tears.
4.  Ate a sashimi dinner with Chuck.

To-Do List
1.  Call my friends more often.
2.  Renovate our house.
3.  Buy a new pair of jeans.
4.  Tour Europe.

Guilty Pleasures
1.  Project Runway
2.  Oysters
3.  Opera
4.  Chick Flicks

Factoids About Me
1.  I was interviewed for and appeared in Newsweek.
2.  I climbed on El Capitan in Yosemite.
3.  I saw the Concorde land on its maiden voyage from Paris to Washington DC.
4.  I met Robert Redford.

Now I get to tag four other people:
Duncan Reyes

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