Saturday, August 11, 2007

Videography vs Photography

We ran across a refreshing conversation among brides about wedding videography in the Boston Globe's message board. We concur with most of the posts. But we feel that still images captured from video, even from HD which is what we exclusively use, are not suitable for enlargement beyond 4" x 6". Maybe one day, but not quite yet.

Video More Than Photography
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Hi All,

I just got back from a visit to my friend in Calif. We watched her wedding video which was amazing! She went with a high-end videographer, which cost them $5,000! Here's the thing, she only spent $1000 on her photographer. she said it's not uncommon there for couples to put more money into their videos than their photos.

My FI and I are much more into video than photos. I know most couples spend more on their photos, but is there any reason not to spend more on the video? We can't afford the high end on both.

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Why not. It's your money. We may do the same. My family has always been more into video. As I watch videographer demos, I think there's a big difference in quality between the $1000 videos and the more expensive ones.

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Also, her videographer was able to give her some photo stills from the video. They looked pretty good!

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We're looking to see if we can get a photographer for just 3 hours to cover the ceremony, cocktails, formals, intros, and first dance.

i've seen stills from videos. The good thing is that you can capture the exact moment, but I don't think the resolution is a good as a professional still camera.

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Were the stills you saw from an HD video?

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I don't think so. It was 3 years ago. But, if stills from HD video are of photo quality, that would be huge!
Then your videographer could supply both your video and your photos! :)

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My Aunt and Uncle had a video of their wedding in 1988. I was the flower girl. it's the most precious thing our family has. My Dad's dad died 2 months after the wedding. In the video he's talking about how much he loves his family. You really can't put a price on that

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Wow! How lucky you are to have that. And how great it was that the videographer used the sound of voices. Those are the videos I like best!

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Also, I think that some people look better on video than in photos. My friend hates her wedding pictures. it's because she has this weird expression every time she poses. But she looks great on her video. she can't blame the photographer, because the pictures are technically fine.

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