Sunday, December 03, 2006

Second Best Wedding Investment in the World

"Frightened Girl" by Roy Lichtenstein

We have observed a fair number of weddings. Many with excellent wedding coordinators. One or two with poor ones. Some without any at all. What conclusion can we draw? Almost every wedding can benefit from the services of a great wedding coordinator. Why? Most brides or the friend/family member she designates as the coordinator for the day, have little experience in hosting parties of the size, complexity and importance of a wedding. It is difficult to anticipate what can go wrong or how to deal with the challenges.

How bad can it be? Not to scare you, but here are a few things we've personally seen, in as random an order as they happened:
1. Cake arrived and looked like a disaster.
2. Bride forgot her veil.
3. Hair dresser locked photographer and videographer out of the house and refused to let them in during bride's preparations.
4. Florist's delivery truck was in a car accident on the way to the ceremony.
5. DJ played songs from the 'do not play list' and did not play songs from the 'cherished favorites' list.
6. Parents of the groom got lost, delaying the ceremony by an hour.
7. Power failure at the venue, so no hot food could be served and lights were out during entire reception.
8. Public address system did not work; guests could not hear the ceremony.
9. Limo broke down between church and reception.
10. Chair cushions were soaking wet from being left out overnight.
11. Bride's changing room was so distant from the reception area, that it took 45 minutes for her to change and to walk back to the reception. During that time, more than half the guests had left.
12. No one could find the toss bouquet.
13. No one could find the lanterns to be hung from the trees.
14. Officiant was one hour late.
15. Photographer and uncle of the groom got into a fist fight at the bouquet toss.
16. Band leader had a heart attack the day before the wedding.
17. Bride's gown arrived very wrinkled from the salon on the morning of the wedding.
18. Hair dresser left bride in half-done state because 'she had a more important bride to get to'.
19. Ring bearer started to relieve himself during ceremony.
20. Family dynamics of all kinds in blended as well as in traditional families.
21. Mother of the bride's surgical stitches started to open and bleed.
22. Drapery structure blew over in the wind and crashed into the string quartet 15 minutes before the ceremony.
23. Bride's aunt, who had made a half-hearted attempt to commit suicide the night before, tried to crash the wedding.
24. Disgruntled ex-boyfriend of bride called vendors the night before the wedding and told them the wedding was called off.

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